A Heavenly Concert in Your Own Living Room

Some of you may know that my favourite way to perform is unplugged, up close and personal. There really is no better way to spend an evening than in the cosy, intimate atmosphere of a living room gig. Everyone is there with the shared intention of co-creating something magical; surrounded by people you know and love.

So, house concerts are the way forward, and I am looking for people who would like to share some of this magic with me! It is a very simple protocol and my PR manager (and dear cousin) Emily and I will be able to guide hosts very clearly through the process. The main role of the host is to provide a space and an audience! That’s it :-)

I adore doing these kinds of gigs because:

  • Each gig is a totally unique experience and everyone feels like they are part of something really special
  • I am able to connect very personally with the audience, and them with me
  • There is time and space to chat and answer questions with the audience, so they can get a deeper insight into my journey and my music
  • The atmosphere is so relaxed, people can take their shoes off and cuddle up together if they want to!
  • Each host can put their unique stamp on the event
  • I can practice performing brand new material
  • I can usually play unplugged

Would you like to host a living room gig..?!

Hosts get to have a personalised, professional concert at home in their own living room (or garden/other venue of choice!), and there is no cost involved at all, other than supplying refreshments if they choose to.  Guests are asked to pay a donation that feels appropriate to them at the end of the evening.

Perhaps you have a special occasion coming up that you’d like to celebrate? Or perhaps you just feel like getting some loved ones together and sharing something you love with them. You simply need to invite around 20-25 of your friends and family and have enough space for me to play and for everyone to sit down (cushions and sheepskins on the floor is fine, and people can bring their own extra comf!). It does not strictly have to be a living room if you have free access to another venue that you feel would work.

A living room gig, or house concert, is a really great chance to get all your friends together and celebrate your own tribe with an evening of heart-opening and tangibly transformative music, brimming with love, bliss and divine connection. So, whatever the occasion, whatever the venue, wherever you are in the UK, if this is something that appeals, please get in touch.

Me:  info@ruthblake.com 

From my heart,

Ruth x

“Ruth Blake is producing some of the most beautiful music I have heard in a long time. Perfect for late night listening.” John Lime (Musician & DJ, Glastonbury Fm)