So it is January 21st 2017 and I am wondering how you all are at this cold, dark time of year, when many are struggling to align modern living with nature’s call to rest and reflect. Personally, over the last few months I have felt relentlessly plunged into my shadow realms, at times losing faith that even the darkest nights are dissolved in the dawnlight. So, if there are any of you out there who are feeling lost, overwhelmed, bereft, enraged, confused, submerged… I simply wish to hold out my hand and remind you that you are not alone.

I came across a saying recently: ‘When you find yourself in the darkest place, it may feel that you have been buried, but in fact you have been planted’. This has been a deep refuge for me of late, and even though I have pleaded with the universe to quit planting me and let me enjoy the sunlight for a while, in my deepest heart I know that these times are the gateways for our most profound growth, and I hope I can share a little of that trust with any of you who are currently struggling to find it.

So yesterday, Friday 20th January 2017, the day of the inauguration of Donald Trump, I uploaded to Soundcloud a draft pre-release of my song, ‘Castles’ (previously ‘Just a Child’) – a personal tale of two children, each ‘protected’ by the castle they have built around them, who ultimately find healing in their connection to each other; finding freedom in their surrender to vulnerability, intimacy and the wilderness of love. The best picture I could find to accompany the upload was of the inpenetrable castle, The Eyrie, from TV’s Game of Thrones, and it got me thinking…

I decided to compile a collection of thoughts and insights from you, the wide world, to illustrate your thoughts exploring themes such as isolation, fear of intimacy, duality/separation and condemnation of each other, in relation to connection, acceptance, forgiveness, intimacy, non-duality, union, love, freedom… How do the external forces of war and separation reflect our inner wounds and our personal connections to ourselves and each other? How is Donal Trump and his politics a reflection of our own hidden shadows?

So, please feel free to send me your own musings, metaphors, inspiring quotes, lyrics, poetry, images and insights from your own rich lives… and please share this invitation with your friends!

You can send your responses to my email address When I have a satisfying collection I will compile them into a blog and post it here on my website.

With love,

Ruth x

Castles – Lyrics

Just a child with a song of a life that didn’t belong
And a heart with so much to give
In a land with no-one to share it with
And a smile for someone else
Who could save him from himself
In the shadows where he hid each touch away
As his tears dried to dust
And the walls set into rust
In his castle where he locked himself away

And every time they turned away he died again
And every step they took to go he broke in two

Just a chld with a box full of treasure she couldn’t unlock
And she’s clever, she knows it doesn’t matter,
She closes every box that shows she might be better
And so she protects all those who might be blinded by
The stars exploding from her heart
She builds a castle where she locks herself away

And she forgot that she could shine and heal the world
And she forgot that she could shine and heal the world

Take down the walls, I can see you
Allow them to fall, let me feel you
Tear down the walls, let me hold you
Break through it all to the real you

Here we are, skin to skin
With each breath you let me in
And the child that you were meets a vulnerable girl
And we sing to the sky for the tears the angels cry
In the wild of our hearts we are free

All lyrics and music by Ruth Blake © 2017
Album Creation currently in production and will be available 2017/2018.